Construction law and real estate

Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise in all areas relating to real estate and construction law, and in all stages of real estate transactions.

Our activity involves both providing advice before or after conclusion of contracts, as well as assistance in judicial proceedings.

Lawyers in this team advise entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, consultants, developers, estate agents, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, government and insurance companies. This activity involves drafting contracts or performing due diligence.

Our specialized skills and expertise in building law allow us to advise our clients from the beginning until completion of construction projects.

In addition, we also defend the interests of our clients in court proceedings (both before civil courts and before administrative entities),expert surveys (“expertises”), mediation and arbitration.

Thanks to our effective intervention during expert surveys (“expertises”) relating to damage and defects in construction litigation, we are able to promptly find appropriate solutions to any problems that may arise.

Working in close collaboration with the practice group “Administrative Law, Urban Planning, Environmental Law and Public Procurements”, we also counsel our clients about adjudication of public procurements, requests for urban or environmental permits, obtaining registration as a contractor, going through the soil remediation procedures and obtaining compensation for compulsory purchase orders.


Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling of property

Rights in rem (long-term building lease, usufruct, building lease, etc.)

Renting, commercial leases

Project development, preconstruction purchase (Act Breyne)

Ownership and co-ownership

Compulsory Purchase Orders

Easements and public procurement

Drafting of contracts with contractor, architect, subcontractor, real estate agent, real estate manager

Construction Law

Insurance for construction and buildings

Property management

Registration of contractors

Regulations in matters of environment, soil remediation and environmental permits

Regulations in matters of town planning and urban permits

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