Insolvency Law

Our firm has acquired particular expertise in insolvency law, accepting commercial court writs as well as assisting distressed companies.

Since 1984, several of our firm's lawyers have appeared on the court receiver and administrators' list.  These colleagues are very regularly appointed in insolvency and recovery procedures.

Our knowledge of insolvency law and security law, which are closely linked, allows us to assist distressed companies at any time. First, we analyse the balance sheet in case of continuity as well as in discontinuity.  Then, we look into the condition of the securities and suggest contingency plans in the case of discontinuity.  Finally, in collaboration with the business, and taking into account the different possibilities that insolvency law offers, we develop a way to create successful restructuring.

Our knowledge makes it possible for us to first try to inform a business in distress of our opinion and offer assistance at the time of negotiations.  Our experience of different procedures allows us, therefore, to make a court appeal any time, if necessary.

Finally, we can advise the business supplier confronted with insolvency proceedings of its debtor as well.


Advice for distressed companies situation


Assistance in case of voluntary liquidation

Appointment as liquidator in voluntary liquidation

Appointment in insolvency proceedings

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