Commercial and Economic Law

Our firm has available a practice group committed to commercial law, whose expertise includes the handling of all kinds of legal issues concerning the various economic activities of a business.

We have the legal knowledge required to give maximum attention to all commercial activities of a business, from buying from distributors (general purchase conditions and terms of sale), through sale and transport, all the way to billing (general, as well as private terms of sale, economic collaboration, etc.). Our team also deals with a variety of distribution contracts (commercial agency, franchising and concession).

Specialist insolvency (businesses in difficulty) and economic criminal lawyers contribute in full to this team.

While furnishing our clients with information, we are also involved with conflict resolution and regularly carry out diverse legal assignments.  Our team is equally renowned for its expertise in auditing, the drafting of contracts, the structuring of distribution networks, the managing of complex litigations, and its estimates of financial/economic damages.


Commercial sales agreements

General terms and conditions on invoices

Distribution contracts

Commercial agency

Franchising, concession, commission

Consumer protection
- Product liability
- Publicity

- Transport law
- Warehousing/storage

Commercial practices

Leasing and factoring

Non-competition clauses