Banking and Financial Law

To assist our clients, we have put together a practice group specialized in the area of banking and financial law, including securities and consumer protection law.

This practice group has experience in counselling as well as representing clients before the courts.

Our counselling activity involves advice regarding credit agreements, securities (pledge, bank guarantee on first demand, documentary credit, etc.).

We assist in procedures regarding liability of the bank for investment advice, credit freezing, bank guarantees or bank transactions (bank transfers, cheques, etc.).

The presence of a large number of bankruptcy receivers in our firm puts us in an ideal position, not only to advise our clientele about the securities they should demand in order to be assured of payment in the event of bankruptcy, but also to draw clients' attention to the problems which could arise if they awarded securities to businesses without due consideration.


Private Banking law (investment advice, bank transactions, etc.)

Finance agreements

Securities (pledge, bank guarantees, mortgage, reservation of title)

Credit agreements

Consumer credit

Consumer protection

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