Labour Law

The members of our Labour Law department have acquired varied and specialized experience throughout the years, and this allows us to advise our clients in a very pragmatic way.

We deal with all aspects of national and international labour law, from social security law to pension law.  Our clientele consists of employers as well as employees.

We also inform companies about their obligations regarding labour law during each phase of their setting-up and development.  We act quickly and are readily available.

Our specific interactivity with and direct accessibility for our clients allow us to provide “tailor-made” management of the assignments entrusted to us.

Our firm advises and counsels its clients about, for instance, the conclusion and ending of employment contracts or the drawing up of working regulations, about the organization of cross-border employment, the measures concerning health and safety and prevention at work, about negotiating collective labour agreements, reorganizations, about the set-up and structure of a workers council, about conflict prevention and, if necessary,  labour law litigation.

Social Security Law

Our lawyers specialize in different areas of social security law.  We counsel and advise our clients, for instance, in litigations with the NEO (National Employment Office), the NSSO (National Social Security Office), and other public authorities, on the consequences of cross-border employment concerning social security, etc..

Pension Law

We also advise on all legal aspects of additional pensions. We advise our clientele, for instance, about the setting-up, the modification, or the closing of a pension plan, as well as any subsequent litigation.


The compiling and modification of employment contracts, working regulations and internal regulations (i.e., use of the internet, company cars, etc.)

Individual and collective conflicts (dismissal, discrimination, strikes, collective dismissal, etc.)

Health and safety and prevention at work (mobbing, safety at work, etc.)

Secondment, cross-border employment and posting of employees

Reorganisation (collective dismissal, transfer or closure of undertaking, etc.)

Industrial relations within the company (workers council, health and safety committee, etc.)

Litigation concerning social security law (unemployment, invalidity, pensions, etc.)

Our specialists