Administrative Law, Urban Planning, Environmental Law and Public Procurement

We assist our clients with our theoretical knowledge and practical experience in all areas of administrative and public law:  permits and licenses, urban planning, environmental law, public procurement, government liability (contractual liability as well as extra-contractual liability).

Our clientele is made up of small and large companies along with public authorities.

Our firm provides advice to clients concerning public procurement (before and after adjudication), urban permits, environmental permits, expropriation purchase orders and procedures regarding soil remediation.

We defend our clients' interests in judicial procedures before the civil courts, the Belgian Supreme Administrative Court (“Conseil d'Etat”/”Raad van State”), the Belgian Constitutional Court (“Cour Constitutionnel/”Grondwettelijk Hof”) and other administrative courts.


Adjudication of public procurements

Execution of public procurements and construction law

European law on public procurements and environmental law

Public-Private partnerships

Urban planning

Urban permits

Environmental law

Environmental permits

Soil pollution/soil remediation


Government contracts

Public domaniality

Government liabilityTransparency and open government

Formal justification of government decisions

Civil service

Criminal defence in offences affecting the environment or urban development

Subsidies and government support

Public law

Cessation claim in environmental matters

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