Liability and Insurance Law

The lawyers in our liability and insurance department assist individuals as well as businesses and insurance companies.

We regularly intervene for individuals in Belgium and abroad in cases related to private life third party liability, malpractice, supply of defective products and/or services, accidents at work (both in the public and private sectors), traffic accidents (civil and/or criminal proceedings), travel accidents, etc..  We draw upon a vast experience in estimation of damages for personal injuries, and we assist our clients during medical assessments.

Our firm has an equally wide experience in dealing with disputes concerning damages in relation to business exploitation, product liability, fire and water damage, professional liability (including medical liability), government liability, environmental damage, and sports or event liability.

Our lawyers are, therefore, familiar with insurance law and the various types of insurance policies such as legal expenses insurance, motor vehicle insurance, private life third party liability insurance, hospitalization insurance, fire and water damage insurance, operational third party liability insurance, third party liability after delivery insurance, comprehensive jobsite insurance, etc..  We also intervene regularly for various insurance companies.


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